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“This 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher Could Have Prevented My Son's Death” — E.R. Nurse Shares Heart-Wrenching Story

Eight years ago, I lost my son Tommy in a preventable fire accident.

It’s still hard to talk about, but my hope is that my story will help you avoid experiencing this same tragedy.

After reading this, you’ll know EXACTLY how to prepare for any fire emergency, whether it’s in your home, car, boat, RV, or campground. It may help you save a life — including your own.

So, here it goes – The fire started on a normal weekday evening, while Tommy was home in our apartment after school. I was still working at the hospital.

Tommy was a responsible kid and extremely mature for his age, so I never worried when he was home alone.

But this afternoon, he was making mini donuts in the kitchen (a snack he learned to make in a cooking class we took together) when a grease fire broke out on the stove.

As smoke quickly filled our small apartment, he grabbed the fire extinguisher from under the sink, just like he had been taught to do, and tried to put out the flames – but it actually made the fire much worse and the fire engulfed our cabinets and ceiling in a matter of seconds.

The fire extinguisher that I had bought for our home was the wrong type for a grease fire. It was a class A extinguisher designed for combustibles like wood, cloth and paper… not kitchen fires.

There was nothing Tommy could do.

Tommy, Age 14 on our last family vacation at Redwood National Park

Despite his best efforts, the fire quickly spread and engulfed the entire kitchen. The smoke was too intense and he was unable to find his way out – By the time help arrived, Tommy had left us.

When I received the phone call that night, my world came crashing down. The loss of my son was a tragedy that I never thought I would have to endure.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about how I left my guard down. I left my son unprepared and I’ll never forgive myself.

But I knew there was no bringing Tommy back. So if I could help spread awareness and prevent others from losing their loved ones, I knew his death would not be in vain.

The following year, I began my mission to spread awareness about fire safety and prevention — especially at home, where your guard is down, and yet fire accidents happen all the time.

For years, I gave training and workshops on the importance of fire safety and having the right fire extinguisher for the job.

Demonstrating Fire Safety & CPR at Monrovia Community Center

Of course, I also educated people on the little-known fact that traditional fire extinguishers are only effective on the types of fires that they are designed to extinguish. Teaching people to properly identify different types of fires and extinguishers was a big focus of mine.

If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you could make the fire MUCH worse.

A CO2-based extinguisher in a small room could rapidly suck out all the oxygen and suffocate – regardless of which fire you’re putting out.

Or, if you’re dealing with an electrical fire, but you use a foam-based fire extinguisher, you’ll actually spark massive flames that can quickly electrocute you — or even cause an explosion.

And of course… using a water-based fire extinguisher on a grease fire like my son Tommy unknowingly did causes the flaming oil to splash and spread like napalm.

Despite this information & all of my efforts to spread awareness, I still felt like something was missing.

I couldn't stop replaying the events of that evening in my mind, wondering if there was anything out there that could have prevented this tragedy.

As I discovered this past year, there IS something better – it’s called StaySafe.

StaySafe uses an innovative non-toxic firefighting fluid that’s been independently tested and verified to put out ALL 5 types of fires including:

● Electrical
● Cooking Oil
● Textiles
● Gas/Diesel
● and Paper/Card
… with just ONE extinguisher.

It didn’t feel fair that StaySafe didn’t exist when my son needed it. But after I learned that StaySafe is already trusted by 280,000+ people to protect their homes and family, I quickly realized how important it is.

What is StaySafe?

StaySafe is a compact aerosol fire extinguisher specifically designed to handle a wide range of fires, including grease fires like the one that claimed Tommy's life. It's compact, easier to use, and could have made all the difference that night.

You can use it when traditional fire extinguishers fail. Or, you can even use it right away, particularly when the fire emergency is sudden and there’s no time to find and pull out a clunky metal canister.

It’s not very big, but it doesn’t need to be. Because StaySafe is powerful enough to put out any type of fire in seconds.

With StaySafe around, you won’t panic during a fire emergency — you’ll know exactly what to do.

How Does StaySafe Work?

StaySafe is always ready to save your life or your loved ones. To put out a fire, all you have to do is…

1. Remove the cap from the StaySafe fire extinguisher.
2. Point it toward the flames.
3. Press the top buttom to put it out - That's it.

The best part is that anyone can use a StaySafe – Simply grab, point and spray.

You can quickly put out a fire to safeguard your home and family without having to fiddle with complicated hoses or pins.

Why You Need StaySafe All Year Round

Fires can start when we least expect them to — and sadly, most of us aren’t as prepared as we think.

Since StaySafe tackles 5 types of fire, you don’t need to hesitate or worry about whether or not you’re using the right device.

It’s designed to be the only firefighting tool most homes, cars, schools, and offices will ever need.

It’s also being called “the future of fire extinguishers” because it makes a number of massive improvements to the classic metal canister fire extinguisher:

1. It’s both easier to use and more effective than those old fire anguishes.
2. It’s super compact and lightweight – about the size of an average water bottle and weighs.

It also works right out of the box — no training or special preparation required.

Who Needs StaySafe?

As an E.R. nurse who has experienced tragedy from a fire accident, I think EVERYONE should have a StaySafe in their home or anywhere a fire can break out.

Here’s why: StaySafe is your only option when regular fire extinguishers fail or are too far out of reach – and it’s extremely effective and easy to use.

People might find a fire extinguisher in a can to be an unconventional choice. However, StaySafe is far easier to use than traditional fire extinguishers.

While experts advise you to keep at least two extinguishers in your home, it could be tough to maintain two large metal devices. But a small StaySafe can is no hassle.

You can keep it almost anywhere – in a toolbox, small cabinet, drawer, or anywhere to make it readily available when you need it.

The bottom line: Even if you already have a classic fire extinguisher in your home, StaySafe can help you be better prepared for all types of fire emergencies — it’s a great replacement or addition.

And if you don’t have any sort of fire protection in your home, car, garage, or office as you read this… then you absolutely need to get yourself a few StaySafe extinguishers.

I can’t recommend StaySafe enough – every home, car, boat, school, office, restaurant, and RV should have one.

Because the loss of a family member to a fire accident is a tragedy that NOBODY should ever have to endure.

The only consolation I have today is that I’m helping to put more StaySafes out there in the world.

It’s truly an amazing device to have nearby, especially when you have a child at home.

So PLEASE, let my story be a cautionary tale for us all, and let's make sure we have the right tools on hand to protect ourselves and our families from harm.

For now, the best way to do that is by keeping a StaySafe in multiple places throughout your home and wherever else you and your loved ones spend time together. Because it’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Don’t wait any longer – You need to get your hands on a 5-in-1 StaySafe extinguisher as soon as you can.

As for me, I plan to keep spreading the word and giving StaySafe as a gift to friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else for as long as I live.

I do it for Tommy.

Update , * – StaySafe is running a limited-time “Fire Sale” — get up to 2 FREE extinguishers!

When you order directly from StaySafe on this website, you’ll get a FREE StaySafe device when you buy 2… or 2 FREE StaySafe devices when you buy 3!

This is an especially great deal, because StaySafe works best when you have them stashed in multiple high-risk places. With this deal, you can easily (and cheaply!) protect your home, car, office, and even bring it with you on camping trips.

The only downside? All this attention has caused them to sell out regularly, so there’s a chance this deal won’t be available. If that happens, be sure to keep checking back — it will likely reopen soon!

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