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Groundbreaking Device Fixes Slow WiFi And Exposes Greedy Internet Service Providers

This is how thousands of people across the country get super-fast internet without emptying their wallets for pricey routers…

If you feel that your internet Wi-Fi has gotten slow, we can explain why it's gotten worse!

It’s most likely because your home has a very weak router that is slowing down your internet speed. And over time, like all electronic devices, this router will slow down even more.

Slow Internet Can Be Frustrating for Everyone

Slow Internet means emails, websites, videos, and photos all stop loading, making it almost impossible to accomplish anything.

We Have Good News: Slow Internet Is Now Easy to Fix!

An ingenious new device has solved this problem for thousands of people, just as it can for you too.

This palm-sized Wi-Fi booster will fix your slow internet problems - easy peasy! Thanks to a genius engineer obsessed with solving spotty Wi-Fi problems, we can all now enjoy extended coverage for a super low cost.

While working for a big-name company, he noticed a common practice that kept happening: Customers received weaker routers, resulting in slower internet for many hours of the day.

Most of these customers ended up calling to request an upgrade and pay more money for internet speeds they should have gotten anyway. He knew this was wrong and decided to do something.

So he developed a device that boosts and enlarges the Wi-Fi signal in every home, for a fraction of the cost that bigger companies are charging: the RangeXTD.

The RangeXTD can even increase the range and speed of the existing Wi-Fi network in the home, making a must-have for families working and streaming from multiple devices at once.

But the best part about the RangeXTD is that this device is so simple that anyone with no technical knowledge can use it.

How Does It Work?

You can think of the RangeXTD like a huge bodybuilder — when he lifts your WiFi signal up, all your devices can easily “see” it.

The RangeXTD takes the wireless signal from the router, intensifies it, and powerfully re-distributes the signal. It’s lifted high up — allowing it to easily reach far corners and devices that would otherwise be blocked.

The RangeXTD is so strong that it broadcasts your WiFi signal through concrete walls, steel beams, or multiple floors.

Top Features of the RangeXTD:

● Fast 2.4 GHz data transmission
● Blazing-fast data transfer up to 300Mbps
● Quick and easy installation
● No software or additional purchases required
● Compact and Portable - Can be used anywhere and anytime!

Is the RangeXTD Easy to Use?

Its simple plug-and-play design is designed so that anyone can plug it in and easily set it up.

When you connect your RangeXTD, you will immediately notice a faster internet connection speed.

How to Use the RangeXTD:


nt-1-0(1)(1) jpg

Plug your RangeXTD unit into an available electrical outlet.


rangextd3(1) jpg

Use the convenient WPS button to easily connect to your existing router.


pngfind com-happy-family-images-png-6702939 copy(1) jpg

That’s it! Enjoy the best WiFi you’ve ever experienced!

Our Verdict: You Have to Try the RangeXTD!

If you experience any of the following issues:
❌ Slow Wi-Fi speed after leaving the room
❌ Unsatisfactory, long download and upload times
❌ Costly internet bills
❌ Constant video buffering

You have to give the RangeXTD a shot. Trust us!

Right now, you can get the RangeXTD for up to 50% off when you shop from their official website.

And if you buy more than one RangeXTD you will get an even better discount. It never hurts to treat your friend to awesome, new tech products.😉

Our Verdict: You Have to Try the Omega WiFi Amp!

Getting your very own RangeXTD is easy!

You can buy the RangeXTD at an introductory price of 50% off by following these three simple steps:

1. Visit the official website and order your RangeXTD 
2. Plug the RangeXTD into any available outlet in your home, and start the super-easy configuration process
3. Enjoy FAST internet

It Really Is That Quick and Easy!

We suggest checking product availability before ordering as increased demand may result in longer delivery times. So hurry and get your RangeXTD while it's still available at this crazy low price!


Ever since the RangeXTD made its debut on the internet, it has received an incredible amount of attention.

Because of this popularity and the amount of positive feedback, the start-up company behind the RangeXTD is so confident in their device that they are offering a one-time MEGA discount for our readers.

And if you're not satisfied with the RangeXTD, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Click the button below to see if the RangeXTD is still available at this low price!

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